Hi, I’m Libby —

I teach acrylic painting classes for beginners. Helping others discover how easy it is to get started makes me super happy!

I started painting in 2015, when I began to make hand-painted signs using wooden pallets and fence posts.  I gave them away to family and friends, and sold them at local consignment shops. The money I made usually covered the cost of art supplies, so I considered myself lucky. I was happy to be making art, and life was a dream come true.

Then in 2018, my life changed. Painting was no longer just a happy diversion for me, it became my lifeline. Painting gave me a reason to move forward and a refuge when I needed it most. I spent my days and nights learning the basics of how to paint. Around that time, Grumbacher art supply company was offering certification for artists interested in becoming painting instructors.

It was a sign from above: “Do something that makes you happy.” I could share what I had learned to help others, and that would make me happy. I jumped at the opportunity and was hired to teach acrylic painting classes for beginners at my nearby Michaels store.  Once again, I considered myself lucky. 

As a new teacher, I learned an easy and affordable method to help my students enjoy painting right away, even if they’d never picked up a brush before. With this method, learning to paint doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. You need only 5 colors of paint and a few art supplies to create an endless variety of paintings. Once you learn a few basic techniques (and practice), your paintings will begin to improve. Now painting starts to get fun!

Many of my students come to my painting classes to have fun, relieve stress, build a new skill, or find peace of mind. Painting has helped me do all that and more.  I hope it can help you, too.