Hi, I’m Libby —

I love helping beginners discover that learning to paint doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Once you know where to start, you can begin to create art of your own.

When I was learning to paint, I spent a lot of time and money on painting books, tutorials, in-person classes, workshops, and lessons.  After all that, I learned that there is no “one way” or “right way” to paint. Every artist develops a method that works for them. Eventually, if you keep painting long enough, and you learn from your mistakes, you will see improvement.

I had been painting for about 3 years when a lucky opportunity opened up for me. In 2018, I was hired by Michaels to teach acrylic painting classes for beginners. Through a Grumbacher-certified program, I learned how to create a painting from start to finish in about 3 hours, using just 5 colors.

As an art instructor, I learned to paint fast, make things easy and affordable, and stick to a plan to keep things on track.

I believe anyone can learn to paint if they want to; they just need enough basic knowledge to get started.  The key is knowing what supplies are worth buying, how to mix 5 colors into any color needed, and the basic steps involved. With practice, paintings improve. Confidence grows.

I love seeing my students grow into confident painters. Painting can be much more than just a happy diversion, it can transform lives. Painting has the power to relieve stress, provide a refuge, give one a sense of purpose or peace of mind. Painting has helped me do all that and more. I hope it can help you, too.

When I’m not teaching painting classes, I like to make hand-painted signs. I always wanted to learn how to paint the kind of signs I saw on windows and storefronts, until I discovered they are often painted with enamel paint, which contains toxic chemicals. So I learned to paint my signs using acrylic paint, an ideal medium for beginners.

I started making signs in 2015 with wood from an old fence that was being torn down on the side of my house. To “rescue” the wood from going to the landfill, I repurposed the planks and began creating signs from scrap wood. At first I made signs as gifts for family and friends, and eventually I started selling them at local consignment shops. Sign painting is a wonderful hobby that combines creative lettering while making custom signs with personalized and unique sayings.  

I want to share the fun of painting with everyone — especially those who think they can’t paint. Using a few supplies, simple step-by-step techniques, and easy to follow instructions, anyone can rediscover their creative side and enjoy the satisfaction of making their own unique artwork.

Whatever style you choose, I hope you learn to paint and help make the world a more beautiful place!

: )