Special Quote, Special Memory


I painted this sign in January in memory of my husband, Donnie. He sent me this quote as a text message after seeing it on the Internet. He often sent me messages to let me know where he was and what he was doing, whether he was on one of his many trips to foreign lands, out and about with family and friends, or just in the same room.  This message (his last) was extra special. The quote is straightforward and realistic, yet upbeat, positive, and encouraging — just like him.

No matter what challenge he was facing, he was always thinking of me and our kids, making sure we were prepared for life’s ups and downs. He made everything better by meticulously planning ahead but then taking things in stride and looking on the bright side when things didn’t work out. That’s the way to live a full and happy life, with no regrets and memories to last a lifetime.

The quote was written by Doe Zantamata, who has a beautifully inspiring website called The Happiness in Your Life  at www.thehiyl.com

Quote written by Doe Zantamata, www.thehiyl.com
My version of Doe’s quote, made into a sign (January 2018)
Donnie & Libby, Guam (1983)
Donnie & Libby, Florida (2017)

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